About Us

MaaliKai in Hawaiian means “blessed-ocean”. Like the ocean, we created a unique fluid high performance yoga mat that allows you to challenge your body past all discomforts and a solid grip that moves your body in new and unconventional ways.  The more you use our durable mat, the stronger you get, the better you feel, and the more ambitious you become.

Our mission is to create a state of mind.  We are the only yoga mat that has a patented side pocket so your valuables are safely secured by your side.  This will allow your body to be the focus of your vessel, your mind to be impenetrable and your intentions to distinct.  Here at LivYogaFit, we make your mat, you write your story.

Our Story

In 1975, Michael Willis and his siblings had the opportunity to flee Vietnam in search of a better life in America.  During the journey Michael was adopted by a loving family in Guam at the age of three.  With his new family, Michael moved from Guam to Shreveport, Louisiana where he attended school, and was active in many sports.  In the summer of 1988, thirteen years after his adoption, Michael was contacted by his biological family that lived in Southern California.  Graduating high school in 1989, Michael decided to pursue his college and career path in Southern California.
Our Charity

Being adopted gave Michael a special connection with other children, that couldn't be blessed with a loving family.  A portion of the sales proceeds will be donated to various adoption agencies, hoping that many children will have the same opportunities for a future, and a loving family.